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Hi, I am Angela from Your Beauty Whisperer and you can find my blog here.

Does anyone else have the problem in the picture below by mid to late day?036


It doesn’t always happen and it’s bizarre I swear I can use the same primer, liner,and mascara and it happens then one day it doesn’t. I do often though use different things every day where the item I am testing is fine with other items and not others. I guess my point is there doesn’t seem to be any rhythm or reason to it.

I thought it might be nice to have a discussion in the comments as to how this can be “fixed” or the causes.

Please check out my blog and I want to say I am thankful for the chance to guest post. I never have before and it is exciting lol!



Make-up Sponge Comparison: Beautyblender or Real Techniques?



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Hi everyone! It’s Kristina from The Feminine Files here again, and i’m back with a comparison review!

Makeup Sponge Header

Sponge make-up applicators…have you used them? If not, i’ll be going over “what are they”, “how do you use them”, and “what’s the difference between them” today! If you have used them i’ll also be showing 2 varieties (one being a great dupe) so stick around! First up…


Sponge Make-up applicators have been around for a few years now, (beauty blender being the first) so a lot of people already know all about them. If you don’t, here is a quick snippet from the Original Beautyblender page: “The Beautyblenders elliptical shape is designed to match the contours of your face, and it’s lack of edges eliminates streaks, allowing for a perfect application every time.

I only started using my beautyblender a couple months ago when I got one it my Glossybox. At first I wasn’t impressed (I’m pretty sure I wasn’t doing it right) but after I got the hang of it, I’ve got to say I was loving it! I use it with Covergirl’s 3 in 1 Stay Flawless foundation (which is medium to full coverage) and this does a very nice job at providing great coverage WITHOUT looking cake-y.

USE: To use them is simple. You hold them under running water and keep squeezing until the sponge is completely at “max capacity” (They expand and get softer when they are wet just like a regular sponge) Then squeeze all the water out, and squeeze again with a towel (you just want it to be damp, not wet!) Next you can put some make up on the sponge (I like to put a pile on the back of my hand and dip into the foundation as I go.) You apply it in tapping motions (pretty much just bouncing the sponge on your face.) Tap it all over your face with the large side and use the pointed side to get around your nose and under your eyes. When your done I would wash your sponge, and the best cleanser I have used is a black soap facial cleanser from Dr. Woods!

I received the white (pure) one, and I have to say it’s a silly thing to make a make-up applicator white. It gets dingy looking quickly, and has to be washed after every use. (In my OCD opinion! ;) ) The beauty blender retails for $19.95 which is pricey considering it has to be replaced much more often than your standard makeup brushes….SO, that brings me to the NEXT part of my post…


So, the Real Techniques sponge is the same idea as the beauty blender (it IS a dupe after all!) I got this sponge from the giveaway on Pretty in the East and I am SO happy I won, because I love this thing!

There are a couple of things different about this version:

It has a slanted edge instead of being completely round. I actually PREFER the flat edge I think it covers more area faster.

When “plumped up” it is slightly bouncier than the beauty blender, which feels more dense/firm. I also actually like this aspect better too!

Lastly the price! The Real Techniques Sponge retails for $5.99 (about a 1/3 of the price of a beauty blender)

Beauty Blender Real Techniques Sponge Comparison

You can see they are pretty much the same size (They ARE expanded in this photo) I really like (and prefer now) the sponge make-up applicator because I feel like you can still get great flawless coverage without a heavy makeup look. I think using a damp sponge also helps prevent makeup from clinging to dry spots, so it would probably be ideal for people with dry skin! I think these DO work better with medium to fuller coverage foundations as opposed to light coverage or bb/cc creams. (It might water them down TOO much.) You can also apply gel or cream blushes with these and it gives a soft flush.

I do like them both, but the flat edge and the price of the Real Techniques one REALLY wins me over! If you haven’t tired a make-up sponge yet, give it a try…I think you will love it!

Have you tried a make-up sponge yet? Which one is your favorite, I know there are others out there! :)

Thanks so much for reading! xoxo Kristina

Ready for Spring – Green & Peach Makeup



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Hey hey! It’s Toria again, from Toria’s Treasure Chest, here for my monthly post! (I missed last month unfortunately due to being bedridden with a pinched nerve in my spine. Fun fun.) lolThis was a look I did before St. Paddy’s Day that was meant to go with the holiday, before I got really sick. But I think with spring finally showing it’s beautiful face, it is fitting still, if not more so. :)

If you follow me on any other social media etc you might have seen me changing my profile pic. The one I had was when my hair was still a lot longer and since I (clearly) wacked it all off, I got tired of the old picture and decided to update. So there was a sneakie peek of this going around. haha
I really love this photo, even though it’s at a weird angle. haha I tried rotating it and it just didn’t look right so yes…it’s supposed to be sideways. haha
My makeup was green eyeshadow and a sort of peach lip gloss that I know is just going to be my favorite lippie this summer! I was actually afraid it would be more orange but I love how it turned out when applied!
I added this peach flower comb for another peach accent. So pretty but I don’t wear it often! A little orange toned for most of my wardrobe but I love it anyways. :)
I feel like letting out a huge sigh of relief; like the weight of a thousand icicles shaken off my shoulders. hahaAre you enjoying spring or is Mother Nature still wrecking havoc on your life?

What colors are you eager to see for spring?
Let me know!
Have a fabulous day!
- Toria

Massage: The Antidote to Loneliness and Stress-Related Diseases


Body Massage

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.”

Give massage an hour and you will absolutely gain more than the few dollars you need to pitch in. With today’s stressful working hours, it is undeniable that more and more people need to look for leisure activities that could ease their tension and relieve them from the stress they face every day. An hour you’ll spend in a massage parlour will surely be the perfect antidote to stress and it can blow all your blues and frustrations away. There are varying types of massage and each offers benefits not only to the body, but to the mind and heart as well.


Each massage was designed for a particular purpose, and among the most popular types are Swedish, Thai and Deep Tissue Massage. Even though the goal of a 1-hour massage is to relieve clients from stress, there is more to massage than what meets the naked eye. Stress is one of the most common causes of diseases and those who do not give attention to the needs of their body can acquire chronic ailments. Therefore, stress, if left unhandled, can cause irreversible damage to one’s holistic health.

Massage, as most of you may already know, targets the pressure points of the body, relieving the body from the debilitating effects of stress. Throughout the years, massage has been included in therapies since it is one of the best relaxation techniques.

The Undeniable Pros

Happy Head Massage offers a wide variety of services to clients and it is renowned for their excellent amenities. The massages they offer do have numerous benefits that one can gain, and to name a few, below are some of the medically-proven advantages of having a massage:

Stress Relief: Since most people are working behind a desk, the most common problem they encounter is postural stress which affects the neck and the back area. If you are experiencing discomfort in these areas, this may be a signal from your body that you need to get a massage to relieve the tension brought about by your long working days. Luckily for you, a 1-hour massage can counteract this manifestation.

Anti-Depressant: Believe it or not, massage is a good anti-depressant therapy. Aside from relieving tension from your body, the whole context of being professionally touched enlivens the spirit and the body. Human warmth is truly relieving, especially when you are down and troubled. Additionally, it improves blood circulation in the body and the brain, therefore releasing your happy hormones.

Sleepless No More: Massage increases the chance of acquiring a good night sleep not only for healthy individuals, but for the sick and striving as well.

Disease Extinguishers: It is a known fact that stress plays a major role in acquiring diseases and that the body should be freed from it. Otherwise, ailments may come knocking on your doorstep. Not only that, it is proven that stress elevates your white blood cell count which in turn boosts immunity against short and long-term ailments.

*This is a guest post.


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