How a Relaxing Massage Can Rejuvenate Your Skin and Beauty

Most people only consider pampering themselves on a spa service whenever they feel their body aching from the demands of everyday activities. It is a sure way to relieve muscle pain and backaches but, little do most people know, they claim bigger benefits with a simple yet relaxing massage. Way back 4000 years ago, the Chinese pioneered the art of massage therapy as one of the oldest healthcare practices. It was then later absorbed by the western civilization and utilize up to these days. More studies have been conducted to analyze the effects of this traditional way of promoting health and, most of the benefits reflect on the skin and beauty rejuvenation.

Youthful Skin

The adequate pressure and friction provided to a human’s body aides in improving circulation. The technique moves blood from congested areas and allows it to flow freely. It also dilates the arteries and veins therefore, the skin becomes pinkish and supple in appearance. As the blood rushes to the dilated vessels it delivers more nutrients to the cells and increase cell regeneration, as a result, the skin becomes more elastic.

Firmed and healthy skin

A relaxing massage encourages sebum production in terms of sweating. The toxins exit the pores of the skin and the perspiration provides barrier from possible infections. The cellulites also lessen as a result of decrease lymphatic build ups. Another benefit that could be derived from this simple procedure is muscle regeneration. As the muscle stiffness being lessened, the nutrients are being welcomed as well. More calories are also burned therefore resulting in better tone and shape.

Improved sleep

As earlier stated, a quality massage encourages better circulation. As adequate supply of oxygen is being delivered to the brain, it also nourishes the hypothalamus which is responsible on regulating our circadian timing system. A good and sound sleep helps our body and mind to connive and reach their optimum potential. It is an absolute guarantee to wake up with full energy and refreshed looks.

Healthier hair and scalp

Another advantage is having a dandruff free scalp and healthy glowing hair. As part of body relaxation, the essential natural oil in the scalp is being released. The hair becomes more alive and dry free. Stimulation of the scalp delivers more nutrients to the hair strands. Split ends, dullness and frizzes are less likely to develop and there will be more volume as the hair is being healthy from roots to ends.

Anti aging benefits

Every human in this planet faces thousands of stress factors in this world. Stress in our body produces free radicals that contribute on fast aging. A proper and relaxing massage significantly lowers the stress level resulting in a more peaceful and balanced well-being. It calms the body and regulates the systems. Once the inner state is stabilized the outer appearance follows producing a youthful and wrinkle free beauty.

When dealing about health and beauty, the appearance is only a reflection of the inner core. This is what the practice of relaxing massage provides many people. The process may be underrated for many individuals but, the effects will truly have anyone reborn with natural beauty.

Keeping It Firm and Young

I am so excited to introduce you to Adovia Mineral Skin Care made in Israel. I had never heard of this product before and Adovia was generous to provide a full size of their Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Cream to try – and let me tell you, I am in absolute love with this product! I’ve been using it for a solid two weeks, day and night and my skin is noticeably firmer!

The product is for all skin types. It’s ingredients include Vitamin C, dead sea salt + minerals, lactic acid, and collagen. Other than collagen, another ingredient in the product is retinyl palmtate which is also an anti-wrinkle fighting agent.


Since the cream is mineral-based… “it works to restore skin’s natural inner balance, allow it to renew and rebuild itself to achieve visibly smoother, healthier and younger looking skin.” I think, only time will tell if it will keep my skin looking young. However, I did mention before I have noticed my skin feeling a bit firmer.

The directions says to apply generous amount onto clean face and neck, then gently massage in circular motions until absorbed completely. I used more than a dime size on my face. Surprisingly the cream absorbed fairly well and it isn’t oily. It does have a light fragrance to it (the scent actually reminds of me of Creme de la Mer) and it does seems to linger throughout the day.

I do appreciate that this product keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day, considering the change in weather. The weather here is wet with rain, but the air tends to be dry and the cold ends up drying out my skin. The product also says that it can used in replacement of makeup foundation and I can see how that is possible. This product pretty much kept my skin tone even throughout the day, as I have gone without foundation a few times this past week.

The price tag on this product is pretty affordable for 1.7 fl. oz. at just $29. It comes in a frosted glass jar which just makes it feel like a high quality product, but comes in a pretty nice price tag. I’m actually surprised the cost of this product is going for higher. You can purchase it here via Amazon. This is a great product to have, especially if you can’t afford any of the higher priced creams listed in the $100s price range. Plus, I think this product works just as well or even better than some of the premiere brands in the market.

Have you tried Adovia?

* I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

These Pants Are Not Right

I’m not sure what it is, but I never want to workout during summertime. In fact, the only workout I do is working out my mouth by shoveling food into it. While the food tastes great, it expands my waist, ass, and thighs. It has become so bad that I can’t fit into my jeans or slacks anymore, so I’ll opt for loose fitting dresses. Well, at least they used to be loose. Hmm.

Now that it’s autumn, I feel more motivated to eat less and to be a bit more active. No. I did not join a gym, if that’s what you’re thinking.

A couple of years ago, after giving birth to my baby boy I purchased online the 30 Day Shred. You read that right. Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred. I purchased this on Amazon so I could just stream it through my Wi-Fi ready TV. (FYI – it’s much cheaper to purchase each season for $1.99 than it is to purchase the DVD.) I never took full advantage of this video. In fact, I would often procrastinate. Big time. It was horrible. I had all this baby weight and I didn’t do anything about it until the beginning of this year. Going back to work had helped, but not enough. I finally slimmed back down to where I can fit into my work slacks, but during summer… I basically said, “F*** this, I’m eating!”

Well, guess what? I can’t fit into my jeans or slacks anymore. From the beginning of this month up until Sunday evening, I thought to myself, “Okay. One more burger and I’m calling it quits!” or, “Okay. One more bag of candy… I swear I’m going to stop!” Oh, wait, there’s more, “Well, I’m going to start tomorrow afternoon, so… This pint of ice cream won’t hurt!” The pint of ice cream was this past weekend.

The beginning of Tuesday morning, I woke up a little before 5am and thought to myself, “I should probably revisit that video on Amazon instead of laying in bed for an hour before I need to get ready for work.” I actually doubted myself and then something happened. I got out of bed, went upstairs, and put on the workout video.

It was the most torturous 25 minutes of my life. I hadn’t worked out all summer and then some. I probably hadn’t worked out for a good four to five months. My body wanted to quit by the third interval in the video. But no, I pushed myself and said, “You know what? I think there’s only 7 more minutes of this and I can do it!”

The next morning, I woke up doubting myself again, my body was exacting pain, and thought that my procrastinating self would show up. No. She didn’t show up. Instead, I went upstairs, put on the video, and started working out – in pain. My whole body was so sore, I plowed through anyways. Although this time around my son woke up early and he decided to workout with me. It was super cute, until it wasn’t. He decided to sit on my stomach as I tried to do stomach crunches. I thought to myself, “What’s an extra 30 some pounds of weight on my stomach? Challenge accepted!” It was a little difficult, but he enjoyed it.

This morning, my body was in a lot of pain! Every muscle seemed to be screaming, but I forced myself to put that video on and work the heck out. It was brutal. Tomorrow morning will be brutal, too. Twenty-seven more of this and I’m hoping to see a difference. I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to fit into my work slacks again.

Now if only start eating healthier and stop buying milkshakes from Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe that is located downstairs in the building of where I work…

Hits & Misses of Online Dating

In my last personal post, I wrote on getting back into the dating game as well as the possibility of building an intimate relationship with one of my good friends. Ever since dipping my toes in the water and with my friend – I had discovered, dating can be fun! I missed the intimate companionship, the inside jokes only couples get, and the look of adoration on each others’ face. I really missed it.

I have been single for the past three years and I had completely taken myself off the market. I concentrated on raising my son, worked a bit of freelance gigs, and started a small business (it went kaput – another story, another time maybe). I also started this blog as a means to stay sane while being a stay-at-home mom. It wasn’t until last Christmas that I decided that I wanted to go forth and seek out a mate!

For starters, I don’t go out anymore. I mean, I don’t stay out past 10pm unless it’s a special event or if I’m at the movies. My excuses are 1) I’m a mother of a very young child, 2) I’ve partied it up during my 20s and well into my early 30s – so much so I had a 30-something crisis and had a baby. Well, there’s more to that story, but I’ll delve into it another time. On top of which, going from bar to bar, nightclub to nightclub can be so exhausting. It was definitely fun during my 20s, but spare me. Nowadays, I just want to have a nice dinner (happy hour) with close friends and call it a night. I will also tell you right now, the percentage and success of finding “the one” at a bar or nightclub is (insert arbitrarily low number)%. Unless you’re in it for a one-night stand, to boost your ego + get free drinks, or you’re really that optimistic don’t bother expecting to find him/her on a night where everyone is getting considerably drunk.

I digress. This post is about online dating, right?

I’m a little old fashioned and a little lazy – so I chose Match. I’ve used it before when I met Cassidy, so I stuck with it. Considering Cassidy was a “hit” and not a “miss”. I say that he is a “hit”, because a type of relationship developed from it and he is still my good friend.

In my experience with online dating this year, I have had a few hits and lots of misses. My first date from Match this year was actually a hit, at first. Ken was really cute, a couple of years older than me, and there was a bit of chemistry. We went on three dates and decided we weren’t right for each other. We still text each other occasionally for no apparent reason.

The second person I met on Match was a miss. Joseph was really tall, really cute, also a couple years older, and really into me. So much so, that he always offered to drive me home from work, even though he lived the opposite way. I, however, felt no chemistry with him and had to let this one go.

I also met an ER surgeon. He was a major miss for me. We went to have happy hour and I could tell straight off the bat that he was very interested in me. Interested enough to ask me out again. I seemed to have weaseled out of this one.

Other major misses were via messages on Match. I have received some really inappropriate messages or indecent propositions of which I would not respond and block the offenders. There were also some very persistent guys who have messaged me repeatedly in hopes that I would respond someday – these guys actually “stalk” my profile, since Match gives users the option to view who has looked at our profiles.

user – janicecandy: “Does anyone know if Match is down? There’s this guy I’m seeing and I want to know if he’s seeing someone else, since you can see when and how long they have been online. Hahaha You know everyone does this!”

user – jamesgrayston: “Umm… janicecandy… stalker much?”


These comments were taken from “”. Yes, people stalk on Match and can view when you’ve been online or how long you have been off the website. Please don’t behave like janicecandy.

During one point I quit Match and went to eHarmony for one week. EHarmony, so I’ve heard, are for people who are serious about looking for a long-term relationship. I did, indeed meet a … um … hit/miss. Well, inconclusive. I say this because we still text and, at times, when I see him now and then I still feel there’s something there, an attraction, but I’ve been hesitant to start anything with him again.

One thing about eHarmony, though, is that it is very structured and limited. People can look at this as a positive or negative. For instance, it doesn’t allow you to browse through profiles as freely as Match does. You also have to go through a hurdle of multiple choice questions and essay text fields with a potential date before you’re allowed to “email” them.

After dating Mr. Inconclusive for a couple of months (hey, I have a new name for him! Better than the one I was calling him before, Big D – no, it isn’t what you’re thinking, get your mind out of the gutter!), I went back on Match and the weirdest thing happened. Almost every guy I encountered was named Chris or Christopher. I wasn’t sure what the universe was trying to tell me, but apparently I was going to meet a Chris whether I liked it or not. And a Chris I had met… a heartache ensued.

Ah… another time, another place, another story.

There are some ups and downs to online dating – and dating, in general. All you can do is prepare yourself to prevent a roller-coaster of emotions. However, always have fun, never expect anything from the person you just met (trust me, it will save you from wondering why he hasn’t called you or text messaged you), and set your boundaries. Always go into dating knowing what your values are and stick with them. Never settle for anyone less, even if he is a charmer and makes you think you are their world. Also, if he doesn’t call you back or ask you out again, just know that he was not the one for you – there are 7 billion people on this planet and there is one who is right for you.

Did you enjoy this post? What’s your experience with online dating?