Ride Rich, Baby, Because I Needed A Sweatband

I have a huge confession to make. I’ve never owned a sweatband. Not for sports, not for fashion, not for anything. Although, I’ve secretly always wanted one. Sweatbands, to me are like… a really cool tattoo. Well, a sweatband is less permanent, I know. I wanted a really cool sweatband with a really cool design and have failed to find one in the marketplace that fit my, sometimes off kilter, taste. I’m mostly known as on the classic side and sometimes my bohemian side comes out during summer. However, there are times when I just want to rock motor boots, gray jeans, and an oversized shirt with my black Parasuco leather motorcycle jacket.

Custom On ItI think I received the perfect custom sweatband sample.

Custom On It sent me this sweet looking Ride Rich embroidered sweatband. I felt like I needed a chopper, and I’m not talking about a helicopter. They do a lot of custom items for their customers, primarily used as swag items to help companies with branding (i.e. Ride Rich). Custom On It has been producing sweatbands, cotton wristbands, headbands and armbands for over seven years – so they know what they’re doing.

They also customize and produce other products like bags, drinkware, business/office supplies, and novelty products. Because they customize these things, the minimum order is 100 per style item. If you think about, if for instance… I wanted to make a Jolie Pagaille logo to hand out (which might actually be better than a business card haha – people would be wearing MY logo, hello!), I’d have to order 100.

What I like about this sweatband is it’s a nice fit and of great quality! The embroidery is perfect with no loose thread, so you know you’re getting a rockin’ great product when you choose to customize one of their many items.

What do you think? Would you ever wear a sweatband with my logo on it? ;)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

The Culinary Arts Hate Me – My Biggest Crutch

I’m not sure what I had been clicking, but I kept getting these advertisements on Facebook for food subscriptions. I get the whole marketing algorithm crap to redefine advertisements and show only ads that are relevant to our tastes, but it is either becoming a bit too scary or it is becoming too tempting to start clicking on every advertisement that interests me. Plus, I have a huge fondness for food, yet, I don’t cook. Much.

Scrolling through my feed, I saw a few adverts for subscription boxes that offered fresh food and recipes to follow. Being a lazy person and the type who hates grocery shopping, I was intrigued. Did I also mention that I don’t cook?

So I saw Plated on my feed and decided to try it out. I am also interested in Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, but at the time Plated had the best first-time subscriber discount so I ordered it. It was basically 6 plates for free and all I had to pay was shipping, which was $20.


The shipment was fast! I ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived that Saturday.

3 Dishes

Each recipe feeds 2 -3 people.

Mexican Lasagna

Each ingredient were individually divided and labeled, so you know which ingredient went with which dish.


More fresh food!


Even more fresh food!


Lets start cooking for the Mexican Lasagna!


This is how the Mexican Lasagna turned out and it was the easiest to make. It took me about 25 minutes to prep+cook+bake.


Next is the Garlic Shrimp + Spaghetti Squash.

plated-7I’ve never had spaghetti squash before, but doesn’t it look interesting? And a great replacement to pasta! This squash was seasoned and baked first.


shrimpsVoila! We have the final Garlic Shrimp + Spaghetti Squash dish! This took me about 30 minutes to prep+bake+cook.


Time to sear the chicken for the Rosemary Chicken + Parsnip and Carrots dish.

plated-9After baking the seared chicken with parsnips and carrots… This recipe actually took longer than I expect. About 40 minutes. I blame the salad… seen below.


Arugula salad seasoned with zest of lemon, olive oil, and salt.

Overall, my favorite recipe was the Mexican Lasagna. The shrimp garlic and spaghetti wasn’t bad, either! However, I wasn’t too fond of the Rosemary Chicken, only because I don’t really like rosemary.

I think this is a great way to experience new recipes + food that’s prepackaged with the right amount. It takes away the angst from going grocery shopping, that is for sure! It’s also good for if you just don’t have the time to go to the grocery store, since the package seems to arrive pretty fast! The “menu” is on the healthy side, too! Which I can appreciate, since during lunch time I had fried chicken and buttery biscuits. Hey, don’t judge!

The only thing I had an issue with was how much salt or pepper to add. Vegetable oil, Olive oil, salt and pepper did not come with the food, which was fine, but it would have been nice if they added how much salt to add… I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to add a lot of salt to my dishes, so I may have added too little salt.

I plan on trying out Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, soon.

Please do use my referral link, so that I may earn some meals and become a culinary expert! Sort of. Plus you’ll receive two free plates!

Have you tried any of these cooking subscription boxes?

*This post was not sponsored in anyway, except from my own wallet.

I Love a Good Giveaway & I Know You Do, Too!

I was delighted to have the opportunity to try out a set of Old Factory Candles, plus conduct a giveaway. But first to the review!


I chose their Spa Day set which includes scents in cucumber, lemongrass, and green tea. This set can be purchased here via Amazon for $25. Each candle is hand-poured,  handcrafted using soy wax so they burn clean and evenly. The jars hold 2 ounces, so these candles aren’t huge.


What I loved about the candles?

My goodness, the scents! The scents in the Spa Day collection are amazing! I especially love the lemongrass and green tea. I liked the cucumber scent and it smelled exactly like cucumber, but I wasn’t in love with it. It did smell clean and fresh, though. However, I prefer a lemony smell. The greet tea has a sweetness to the scent, that reminded me of a green tea latte. And now I want a green tea latte!

I also adore the packaging. It gives it a fun and real olden days type of feel and I can appreciate the time they spent on this design concept. From the type of glass jars and metal lids they use, to the designs of both the labels the actual box package – it was all executed very well.

These sets come in a variety of themes, such as:

  • Happy Holidays – Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Gingerbread
  • Winter Wonderland – Hot Cocoa, Roasted Chestnut, First Snow
  • Romance – Rose Petals, Champagne, Dark Chocolate
  • Fresh & Clean – Lemongrass, Olive Blossom, Fresh Linen
  • Vacation – Sea Breeze, Hawaiian Lei, Awapuhi
  • Coffee Shop – Coffee Bean, Hazelnut, Chai Tea
  • Man Cave – Straight Razor, Leather, Mahogany
  • High as a Kite – Cannabis, Incense, Bag O’Cookes
  • New Born Baby – Baby Powder, Baby Shampoo, First Blanket
  • 50 Shades – Leather, Vanilla Sex, Jasmine Bubbles

I’m love the set I chose and if I were given the opportunity to try another set, I think I would have chosen Coffee Shop and Winter Wonderland. Although, I am a bit curious to try … dare I say it? 50 Shades. haha The one that made me laugh the most is actually High as a Kite.

There was actually nothing that I disliked from trying these candles. The quality of these candles are superb, packaging is fantastic, the scents I received were wonderful! These candles would definitely make for a great present for a candle lover. Now here’s the best part, the giveaway. One winner will walk away from one set of candles of their choice. As follows, are the rules. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt much.


Sweepstake Rules: Not to fret, it’s pretty simple!

  1. Complete the handy dandy entrant thingie below!
  2. This is open to all residents living in the USA. Sorry, Canada, Mexico and other countries. It’s a shipping cost issue.
  3. Must have PayPal account. Why? Read Rule #7.
  4. Sweepstake starts today(11/18/2014) and will end November 25, 2014, 11:59PM.
  5. Winner will be randomly picked, via Rafflecopter.
  6. Winner will be emailed from vivienne[at]joliepagaille.com, in which he/she will have 48 hours to claim the prize; otherwise, it will be forfeited to the 2nd runner-up.
  7. This prize is sponsored by Old Factory Candles in which you will be sent a promo code to receive your candles for free via Amazon. You will also be reimbursed shipping fee (if applicable) from Old Factory Candles via paypal.

* This article and giveaway is Powered By Brandbacker.

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November Blog Hop: 5 Products I’m Thankful For

It’s the November Edition of the Beauty and Fashion Blog Community and this month’s is Five Products that I am Thankful For which can range from beauty, fashion, and/or lifestyle products and things. I decided to choose a few beauty products and a couple techie products that I am thankful for having in my life.


Starting with beauty first, I’m thankful and glad I had the opportunity to try Sano Vitamin C Eye Cream Gel. I’ve been using this product ever since I received it to review. It really feels amazing when I apply this during the morning and evening after my daily cleansing ritual. It has a cooling and skin tightening affect, which helps lessen the appearance of under eye baggage. I’ll use this underneath my eye cream moisturizer.

I’ve also discovered Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream | 48HR Lasting Hydration. I’ve been cutting back on cosmetics and skincare, so I was actually looking for a lesser priced replacement to Lancôme High Resolution Refill-3X and came across Vichy. I’m not saying this is the same thing, but I really love this product. It’s creamy, light, and I can use this during the day and evening – it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and it has a great price of $31 for 50 ml compared to $84 High Resolution at 1.7 oz. = 50.275 ml. Now if only I can find the Lancôme Progrès Eye Crème replacement…


The next product I’m thankful for is Lasem’s Fibre Lashxtend. I am so in love with this mascara! 1) It really extends my lashes without making it clumpy, 2) it holds up really well throughout the day, 3) does not smudge – by this I mean it doesn’t give you dark circles on your lower eyelids, which can happen when using oil based mascara or if your skin tends to be oily around the eye area. This mascara is considered a little pricey at $20, but it is so worth it. At least for me!


Now on to the tech products. I love my Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High-Resolution Display. I purchased this on Amazon’s payment plan and purchased the one without “special offers”. This reader is so lightweight and has kept me company every day I use it on the train to work. It’s much more convenient than carrying a book. Plus, I’ve been trying to get back to my minimalistic lifestyle I once had when I was younger. I seemed to have gotten away from that ever since I had a kid, so this is one way for me to de-clutter and collect books electronically. Side note: Although, I’m not sure how well I’ll do reliving a minimalism lifestyle, considering that I write about beauty products! We will see! If you’d like to read more about my adventures into de-cluttering comment below!


Last, but not least, my 2009 MacBook. This thing is considered ancient! Beyond ancient. At one point, I thought I was going to toss it out the window. This unibody style came with only 100GB and 2GB RAM. Talk about a slow coach. I then upgraded the RAM to 6GB, which runs a lot better, so it makes me hesitant to trade it in – even though I still want to! It still works fabulously, minus that it only has 1.50GB harddrive space left but that’s what external harddrives are for, right? I am so thankful for my MacBook that has been with me for 5 years.

Do you have any products that you are grateful and thankful for?

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